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Vid of the year

(Source: zarry)

Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane season is upon us once more on the east coast of this ‘great’ country of the US of A….peoples gone raiding the supermarkets and getting whatever surplus they need to survive something that’s gonna be either super hyped up or something that can be very destructive to the east coast.

  All I know is that everybody that has shelter should stay the fuck in and if there’s and big places like the Palisades mall are oped for business then they can go suck it slow……and let the homeless occupy the mall for food and shelter………That is all.


This great website has a great following that rivals the great hypebeast on just one thing: Vans shoes of the past, present, and future of vans footwear and other items……check it if u have the chance…and no updates until friday……..gotta take care of things :/

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